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Unrefined propolis for your homemade recipes and remedies!

Jem’s bees’ unrefined propolis is just that: it’s propolis that I’ve gathered from my beehives. I collect it by scraping the boxes and frames and by letting the bees build it into a removable mesh screen. 

I try to take care when I collect it, but I don’t remove anything from what I do collect. Therefore, the propolis may contain traces of beeswax, vegetation, insect matter, and small bits of debris ordinarily found in a healthy hive. 

The photographs show examples of the propolis which will give you an idea of what your propolis purchase from me may look like.

At room temperature propolis is very sticky; at colder fridge/freezer temperatures it becomes brittle which makes it easier to work with. It can be stored in, and used directly from, the freezer as required.

Why make homemade remedies and recipes with propolis?

Well, it’s cheaper than buying them off the shelf! But in seriousness, the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of propolis are well-documented. Have a read about it on the National Library of Medicines website:,%2C%20anticancer%2C%20and%20immunomodulatory%20properties.

If you’re going to use propolis on your body or as part of an ingestible creation and you’ve not tried it before, please take the following sensible precautions: 

  • Ensure you are not allergic to any of the following: honey, other bee products, conifers, poplars, balsams and/or salicylates, etc. 
  • Try a small amount initially and stop using in the event of any adverse reactions 
  • Consult a professional healthcare adviser if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or taking any medication.


Your propolis will come to you in a sealed yellow packet.

Unrefined Propolis

9 Grams
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