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The pollen poster made its debut at the 2021 National Honey Show and the story of the making of it featured in the Feb 2022 edition of BeeCraft Magazine.

A seasonal visual guide for pollens and associated plants commonly found in the UK. Use the poster to find out about local forage for honeybees. Which plants are the bees visiting? Which plants might you like to grow more of in your garden? Which plants might be influencing the taste of your local honey?Refer to the poster during your own beekeeping and gardening activities. You could also put it up in your garages, sheds, honey-rooms, bedrooms, offices and classrooms.The poster will be rolled up and dispatched in a sturdy cardboard tube.

The Pollen Poster 2nd Edition (UK Pollen identification)

  • The poster is A2 in size and will be rolled up and placed inside a cardboard tube.

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