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Formerly called 'Autumn honey', our 2022 batch is ram packed with Ivy honey which explains the name change! It is quite different in flavour from the typical floral honeys you come across in Spring and Summer.

Some people say that Ivy Honey has a medicinal flavour. Others tell us that it's almost minty. Try some and let us know what springs to mind for you!

Ivy honey if left in it's runny state will granulate and set hard in the jar. To make it slightly softer and easier to spread, we cream it by hand over a few days just as we do with our soft set honey. The result is a smooth honey which is just a little firmer than your average soft set honey.

Try this special honey on your toast and tell us what it tastes like to you.

1LB Ivy Honey

454 Grams
  • The honey will be packaged in a glass honey jar with a screw top lid and a tamper proof seal. 

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