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A beautiful beeswax candle made from a home-made mould, and made using the beeswax from the Jem's Bees apiary.

Each candle has a unique natural tone, just like the beeswax bars we sell. This is because Jem collects the beeswax cappings, scrapings, and pieces of broken comb, and then separates them out according to the tone. Some piles of beeswax end up being darker than others and this is because the comb is a bit older and has most likely come from the brood chamber of the hive. It is still excellent to use! Each pile of wax is then melted and filtered through a cloth to get rid of any hive debris. Then, the clean wax is poured in to a handmade mould to make a candle. The candle you buy might be light yellow, golden yellow, orange, or a warm brown. 

The mould used has been made by taking a silicone cast of a family ornament Therefore, you won't find this particular candle available on shop shelves elsewhere.

Beeswax candles burn cleanly and brightly and the wax doesn't smoke.

Burn time: 12.5+ hours
(A candle was burnt over 2 days at the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market 2022 in order to test the burn time. It was extinguished after 12.5 hours in order to pack down) 

Each candle will be supplied in a cardboard tube.

Beeswax Candle

  • The candles are made from the beeswax we've collected from our own colonies, and the tone of each candle will vary.

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